Dr. Atomic

By restern
Written November 10, 2008
I've seen it twice. The first time and the last time. I am a opera fan, but this opera is not one I can say much good about.
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Dr Atomic

By fan dancer
Written July 26, 2016
Dr. Atomic is a "modern" opera- i.e., don't expect a memorable melody line in any of the arias. At first, if you are familiar and love opera with a melody, the lack thereof can be either offputting or boring--without melody, I rely on the different voices for variety. After a while, I found that the words, which were sung in English, started to sound very poetic. The story of the creation and testing of the first atomic bomb and the main character Robert Oppenheimer is compelling, fascinating and definately thought-provoking, especially so for someone like myself, who remembers the Cuban missile crisis and the "duck and cover" bomb drills of the 1960's. The costumes and set design were intriguing. As for the singing--it's the Metropolitan Opera of New York City!!-in a word-superb! I also enjoyed the commentary during the intermission.
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Batter Your Heart

By marybmary
Written November 09, 2008
This opera was one of the most shattering artistic expressions of horror and hope that I've ever seen. The only problem was the Met's chatter through the intermisstion. We needed silence.
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dR. Atomic

By mailmannjosh
Written November 13, 2008
I am grateful for the Live HD MET performances. This is the first one I did not enjoy. I was disappointed by the music and the libretto. Mr. Oppenheimer was referring to his wife's dark tresses and she was a redhead. Such nonsense. All the music sung by Mrs. Oppenheimer was almost manic and too much to believe that anyone in their right mind would utter such words. Mr. Adams may have meant to be profound, but I found it annoying and unpleasant. My brother told me he thinks Mr. Adams the best contemporary American composer. I don't care to hear any of his other works.
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Dr. Atomic

By ancagaw
Written November 11, 2008
This is the 2nd time I've reviewed this. the filming was fine. The Opera was awful. It had no merit as far as I was concerned and the Met. Opera company didn't meet its quality standards. I left at intermission, terribly disappointed.
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