The Metropolitan Opera: Die Walküre Encore Synopsis
An encore performance of the second opera in The Ring of the Nibelung series.

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The deal of the century!

By RZPhyxit
The Cost of Flying to New York, tickets at the Metroploitan Opera for any of the Ring Sereis, Hotel, Cab....... You can experience this all - time favorite for $25.00! Even more advantageous is...

7 Hours?

By Tammy Rake
Wow! Such a powerful opera. It wasn't until we left the theatre that we realized how long it was. The costumes wer beautiful. That set piece that is indiescribable was used welll, but not as...

Better than being there, live.

By haudidodi
Well, I suppose you can't duplicte the "electricity" of being at the Met but other than that, Live in HD is the best. I mean many in the audience even applauded the performers at the end of each act...

Die Walkure Encore at the Regal l4th ST: An HD Disaster

By pamreinertsen
The HD encore of this 5+ hour opera began a half hour late which is inexcusable since the technician was able to fast forward. Likewise, the 40 minute intermissions could have been shortened since...

Die Walkure

By Linda White
A must see. Standing O's for this production, the cast, musicians and everyone involved....

De Valkure

By simpsp2
Five And one half hours of pure enchantment. I must have hit the right theater in the complex because the speaker system managed to handle the operatic voices without distortion, unlike other...

HD Presentation Ends 10 Minutes Before the Opera Ends

By mcphersonmichael
The ending of Die Walkurie is one of the great endings in Opera. Unfortunately, those of us who were in the movie theater last night never saw it. At 11:59 p.m., the screen showing the opera went...

Die Walkure

By duxsoop
The performance was wonderful. HOWEVER, the no one seemed to know to start the recording at the scheduled time (6:30). It took several patrons to inquire to the management before beginning the...


By operafirst
A great performance, even though it was very long. It was interesting to see how the mechanics of the sets were changed. Absolutely wonderful performances by all in the cast.Looking forward to the...

FABULOUS Opera Presentation!

By PegBoc
This HD presentation is absolutely the way to go. Picture, sound, it was everything like being at the Met or the Lyric, only better because you see the emotions closeup. The venue is better because...

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