By tuchmans
Written May 30, 2016
This was a really wonderful performance of the opera. The Met's huge investment on the mechanical stage is a bust, but it hardly matters. The singing and acting makes every minute worthwhile.
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Die Walkure

By opera_singer1
Written September 30, 2016
So glad this theater is getting the Metopera live HD series. These live performances are the best. The singers were marvelous and the Wagner Ring series is well worth seeing live in New York or in HD at a movie theater. The Metropolitan Opera has a brand new set with great technical ability to create new scenes magically. Some are truly breathtaking. And the ability to see and hear the singers well cannot be matched. Keep bring them back next season so we can see the last two operas of this great composer, Richard Wagner 's Ring des Niebelungen. Thanks.
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Met Opera Die Walkure

By Pegily
Written May 15, 2011
Loved the music, the singers all did marvelous jobs. Don't care for all that mechanical apparatus they're using in the Ring's very distracting to me and unnecessary. Also it's very costly, then they beg for more money! Regal Stonecrest in Charlotte NC is very nice theater, very comfortable. All employees are extremely nice and I have a very good experience when I go there. I have been going to the Met Opera there since it started and can't thank the theater management enough for subscribing to this effort.
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Die Walkure Outstanding

By dandr0325
Written May 15, 2011
The Mets new production of Die Walkure is outstanding. My jury is still out on the "machine" in the new production, but the music of the opera would play well regardless of the setting. The cast for this production included many of the finest Wagnerians working today...or anytime. Bryn Terfel and Deborah Voight staged a poignant father-daughter scene in Act III, while Jonas Kaufmann and Eva Maria Westbroek as the incentuous twins were compelling and vocally outstanding. Stephanie Blythe and Hans-Peter Konig were likewise outstanding in supporting roles. In my opinion this is the best of the four Ring operas for its non-stop "drop dead" beautiful music, and when the Met does it, well nothing more need be said. If you are an opera lover this is a must see.
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Die Walkure: Metropolitan Opera

By hmacewen
Written May 15, 2011
An excellent contemporary interpretation of the mythology that Wagner captured in his Ring Cycle. "Realistic" versions, common in the preceding century, are no longer viable and cannot, in fact, capture and illustrate the philosophical perspectives on free will that were so apparent in this production. On the other hand, extreme symbolism in the interpretation also misses the point, perhaps simply through over statement. This version seems to strike a highly effective balance so that the point should be clear to an attentive audience.
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