The Metropolitan Opera: Boris Godunov Encore Synopsis
The encore performance of Mussorgsky’s epic spectacle that captures the suffering and ambition of a nation.

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Boris Godunov

By rwrx
Unfortunately, the theater did NOT do well. We were sent to one area and after listening to very loud and boring commercials for more than half an hour, we WAITED 15 MINUTES with NOTHING on the...

Boris Godunov

By FRao
Opera at it's most splendid....

Too Late and Too Long

By lord jeff
We went to the encore presentation of Boris Godunov last night. It was scheduled to start at 6:30 PM. Due to a series of miscues on the part of the theater, it didn't start until 7:20 PM. By the...

Boris Gudonov

By lempierikson
En core presentation at New Roc cinema last night was delayed for 30 minutes with no one from management there to answer questions about the delay. Had to put more money into parking lot space and...

Boris godunov

By lilatee7
Fabulous performance,excellent singing and acting....

Boris Godunov (Encore Broadcast)

By Country Opera Boy
Outstanding cast, Pape (German) and his all Russsian cast plus an outstanding chorus with a strong performance by a young man in the Met' s childrens chorus made for a performance to remember....

The Metropolitan Opera? Boris Godunov Encore

By Happy Harry
Great! Absolutely riveting. The singing was outstanding....

Boris Godunov Encore

By Korngold
Wonderful production; amazing cast of singers!!...

boris Godunov

By JoAnn Kane
Epic story. Rene Pape, Aleksandrs Antonenko and Ekaterina are beyond fabulous. Wadsworth's rich production is thrilling....

Boris Gogunov at Met HD

By petrovjulia258
Amazing performance! A must-see for ANY person whetehr you love opera or not!...

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