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  • February 13, 2007
  • NR , 3 hr 30 min
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Movie Reviews

I Puritani

By operaHDgoer
Excellent opera. The music was gorgeous, the singing excellent and the MET coverage was close and up front. Intermission interviews were insightful and very interesting. Continue to offer this...

popcorn at the Met

By puertorriquena
I loved the whole idea of it. To be able to see what I've been listening to on Saturday afternoons all my life was a thrill. A wonderful idea--I hope they keep doing it....

I Puritani

By metoperafan
My wife and I saw this in Greenville, SC and it was well worth the 3+-hour roundtrip. We were regular Met-goers, and there's no subst. for being in the big house. But the performance was...

Met Opera I Puritani

By Donald Wertz
Another triumph for the Met and for Regal Cinema for continuing to bring these thrilling performances to us. Please keep up the good work. And thanks, too, for expanding into Austin. Now we don't...

I Puritani Broadcast from Met. Opera

By Ms_Norma_Sauer
The most awesome opera experience I ever had! I'm an avid opera fan, but this live performance shown at various theatres throughout the world direct from the Met. stage let those of us who don't...

I Puritani

By crazyaboutopera
This was a wonderful experience for any opera lover. Great singing. Hope Met will continue next season and hope Fandango keeps participating. Thank you. Crazy about opera...

I Puritani by Bellini

By joanland
Thrilling! Beautiful! Best voices in the world! More convenient than driving to Portland or flying to NY. Excellent close-ups. Interesting interviews by Renee Fleming and Beverly Sills during the...

I Puritani

By mariand
The whole production was marvelous. I have bought tickets for all of the other Met operas....


By Smavitz
Opera from the Met and popcorn! What's not to love about that? The Denver performance was fabulous. A great big thanks to The Met and the participating theaters. I'm looking forward to all of the...

The Met "met" my expectations and MORE

By opera girl
Even though I was not familiar with this opera, I loved it!! Anna Netrebko was brilliant, in both singing and acting. The mad scenes were to die for. All the singers were excellent. The sound in the...

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