The Metropolitan Opera: Aida Encore Synopsis
Liudmyla Monastyrska, Roberto Alagna and Olga Borodina star in Verdi's drama set in ancient Egypt.

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Aida encore

By pbalgley
We thoroughly enjoyed the production. My only criticism is the length of the production. Since the encore starts at 6:30, it ends at 10:30. Couldn't the intermissions be cut out of the taping? The...

Verdi Rules!!

By milonguero53
Great show, the backstage tour was good. Verdi allways grabs you and pulls you in. Fabulous performances all around....


By pwwall
Fantastic Performance, great singers, sets and production...

Wonderful Event!

By ktimlin
This is the way to see Opera. Beautiful costumes and sets and great singing make this an unforgettable evening....

Aida divina

By PeterRLD
The good - fantastic production, singing, acting, filming. How did they do it? - it seemed like the cameras must have been all over the stage. Very slick real-time filming. Renee Fleming did an...

Eduardo Rivero M.D.

By mgmrivero
great, great, great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More Opera. Ballet. Theater Simply great, can't wait to see another one...

Excellent cast

By rdenk1
I enjoyed the opera very much, but I have many of the same complaints others have expressed. It started 25 minutes late, and, being an "encore" performance, we could have done with considerably less...

Aida at the Met

By BarbS9
Spectacular. The Ukranian singer of Aida was performing her debut with the Met and did so brilliantly. The "cast of thousands" was well beyond impressive. This rendition of Aida at the Met was the...

Tooooooo much

By StageWorks
Curtain is advertised as 6:30 - they were 10 minutes late. Adding insult to injury the presentation started with 40 minutes of self-serving trash. Why was one forced to sit through long...

Love Liudmyla Monastyrska's Voice!

By Quirky_Redhead
Ukrainean Liudmyla Monastyrska sings the part of Aida. She has amazing power and vocal control and poignancy. The Met sets for Aida are so very impressive. I also enjoyed the videos showing what...

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