By mgodfrey39
Written February 13, 2016
Excellent production. Olga stronger than Ludmilla. Alagna strong but often unconnected to the object of his singing. Enjoyed this immensely.
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By movieoperalover
Written July 05, 2015
Wonderful voices and music! Again volume a too high, so vioces distorted. At 3rd Avenue nd 11th Street, they MUST remember to turn off overhead lights before the Opera begins, and after the intermissions! Katheine Manisco.
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Aida-MET Broadcast

Written October 10, 2015
Outstanding cast! The cast is reminiscent of the old MET when it had the best voices in the world singing. The performance was both spectacular and very personal. The spectacular in the Triumphal scene, the personal when we saw Olga Borodina as Amneris shed a tear.
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"Aida" Metropolitan Opera

Written August 31, 2015
Outstanding performance, to say nothing of the production itself. The singing and acting were wonderful. I've seen several "Aida" productions and this was the very best!
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Met Opera's December 2012 AIDA telecast is its best AIDA telecast yet !!!!

By mikhailivan
Written January 03, 2013
Giuseppe Verdi's AIDA is the latest in the Metropolitan Opera's series of HD theatrical transmissions for this year, and is by far the best MET AIDA telecast yet (excepting the commercially unavailable Leontyne Price farewell AIDA of 1985), due to superb casting and revised direction. Roberto Alagna delivered a stunningly well-sung Radames, exhibiting excellent dynamic control throughout his vocal range while acting very convincingly (he also looked trim and fit, as a warrior should look!). Olga Borodina sang her first telecast Amneris, and she gave a commanding performance, full of nuance and smoldering heat. She sounded wonderful, making use of her smoky lower range with great dexterity. The Russian soprano singing AIDA (whose name escapes me!) was justly acclaimed for her terrific range and acting ability. Amonasro was similarly well-cast, although his severe dark makeup made him look a bit silent movie -ish in his mannerisms. The triumphal march and ballet were restaged well.
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