By ukducky1
Written July 28, 2016
The whole opera was absolutely wonderful. The singing was magnificent.
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A Terrific Performance

By kohnybony
Written January 20, 2017
With an outstanding cast, a visually brilliant production and some of the finest music that Giuseppe Verdk wrote, this was a terrific performance. Alagna's natural voice, Monastyrska's moving reading of the role and Borodina's top quality singing all made it a great show.
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By dinnigordo
Written May 01, 2016
The Met opera is always great and this was no exception. The new star, Lyudmyla Monastyrska clearly has a big career ahead of her--wonderful singing with perfect control of the soft passages. The HD broadcasts are fabulous for the closeups you get and for the backstage interviews. But the theaters must solve their technical problems with this kind of transmission. There was a big shadow over the bottom of the screen (11th Street and 3rd Avenue) for the first few minutes, and then after it was corrected there were occasional roars from what I imagine was the heating/air conditioning system--very distracting. The same kind of roar was also present in the Rgal theater (Union Square) where I went three weeks ago to see 'The Clemenza di Tito." I hope Fandango will use its influence to improve this deficiency.
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By profesora
Written August 29, 2016
We love the Met operas in HD at the movies. Not only do you see the opera while it is actually being performed at the MET but during intermission you are treated to interviews with the performers and a look at what goes on backstage. We could never afford these close ups of the opera if we were buying tickets at the Met. And the opera Aida itself is fabulous!
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By a2020orthophoria
Written May 24, 2015
The Met has fine-tuned its LIVE in HD production to a excellent degree. To attend this LIVE in HD performance of "Aida" was 4 hours of pure quality entertainment. The tolal experience is far superior to that which those attending in person in New York City at the Met. To add frosting to the cake: the $$ value is unbelievable!
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