By Prof3025
Written December 01, 2015
If you want to see pageantry at its peak visit a performance of Aida by the Metropolitan Opera Company. Superb singing, spectacular visionary vistas, comfortable as well as best seats in the house. Don't miss any HD broadcasts from the Met that are available in your locality at local theaters. What a treat and at an unbelievable price!!!
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Met HD "Aida"

By 5p379mope
Written December 26, 2014
A wonderful performance of a great opera, marred by the venue (Loew's Multiplex, Route 10, East Hanover, NJ). The colors were washed out. The sound was ugly. And the definition was a long way from being HD. Wrote to the Met, who replied that there were no significant similar complaints, so the problem involved the theatre, not the transmission itself.
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By mgodfrey39
Written February 13, 2016
Excellent production. Olga stronger than Ludmilla. Alagna strong but often unconnected to the object of his singing. Enjoyed this immensely.
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Met Opera AIDA

By jerrykjensen
Written May 28, 2016
A wonderful performance of the Met's classic productioin. Watch for Encores and go see it.
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The Metropolitan Opera: Aida

By pippop
Written June 27, 2016
An outstanding production of Aida. Seeing it live via simulcast was a special treat. The music, the orchestra, the singers, the dancers, the staging were all a feast to behold. The backstage interviews with the cast after each act were especially informative and entertaining. The sub titles enabled us to understand the entire story. This is a love story for all time. We thoroughly enjoyed it.
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