Aida live HD

By autumnjanet
Written February 24, 2017
It was a wonderful experience! Could see the actions, expressions, etc. up close. Much better seats than I could ever afford at the met-plus we got to see backstage. I loved it and am looking forward to the next time!
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1st time seeing the Met's Aida

By mozart_fan
Written February 27, 2017
although I love Verdi, oddly enough Aida isn't my favorite by any means (that would be a tie between Il Trovatore, La Traviata, and Otello, followed by Rigoletto,who knows why, they just work for me). I had only seen a local production which had nowhere near the resources of the Met and of course didn't have singers close to the caliber of the Met singers. the sets and performance are intense, and I think if I had been at an Imax, overwhelming. Alagna impressed me, I had only heard him in less dramatic roles (Nemorino, e.g.) I was very impressed with the soprano who played Aida, Liudmyla Monastyrsk. beautiful tone to her voice, powerful and a good actress. that she stood out in this cast says something about her talent. all in all I thought it was wonderful
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By hbroderm
Written January 22, 2017
A wonderful production. But the camera was way too close most of the time and your sense of perspective from the stage was regained the minority of the time. This IS a stage production and a sense from the first row would be better than just the face or upper torso of the singer. Very little beats the Met, tho, and the singers and values are first rate.
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Met Opera HD Live

By ailsaellen
Written January 19, 2017
The Met Opera HD Live performance of "Aida" was fabulous. The singing was wonderful, and Olga Borodina as Amneris was superb, she is a riveting actress, she was so into her character that towards the end of the opera in one emotional scene she shed a tear. Being at the movies is almost as good as being at the Met ! Everything about this opera production was excellent. If you have never seen a Met "Live" opera movie....go. If you have seen one before...go again!
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Aida Live in Hi Def from the Metropolitand Opera

By BeethovenGoesToHollywood1
Written March 28, 2017
A stirring production with lots of supers carrying spears and giant columns. I found the production lacked COLOR, however; the designer seems to have forgotten that Egypt was a painted land. Instead Quaranta concentrated on the brown arid aspect and the temples as they look now, washed of their vibrancy. More BLUE, please, more bright RED and ORANGE and GREEN, not so much drab sand color! The costumes did have some hint of color. The singing was somewhat uneven, with Monastyrska as Aida soaring especially in her ,lovely pianissimo upper register. Olga Borodina as Amneris stole the show - great singing and a perfect *****-part for her. George Gagnidze was superb as Amonasro, what a voice and what a presence! Alagna was Radames. There isn't a whole raft of big Italian tenors around right now, so I guess he will have to do; but he seemed puny and screechy at times. The orch. played at its customarily near-perfect level; Luisi did his usual workaday job: competent, but predictable. Go!
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