By ginaroxursoxdammit!
Written April 25, 2007
when i watched the previews i was dying to see this movie because it looked really good but when i saw it i left disappointed. this movie really sucked it wasnt scary at all and it wasnt even a bit entertaining. 10 dollars WASTED! 1 hr and 30 minutes of my life wasted.
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By charminghearts
Written April 23, 2007
Not as good as it looked from the previews, but not completely terrible either.
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By charlie22
Written February 10, 2007
Thought the movie was going to be a little scary, at least to make you jump. They try with the music but that's just not enough. Never really got into the movie, and figured out what was going to happen before the did. Just was American Haunting mix with The Grudge. Wish I did get my money back. I just wanted to see a pure haunting movie...The movie was slow, boring, short, and everything else not good...I wish my kid could climb out a crib like that?
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The Messengers

By minihendrix0416
Written February 06, 2007
In my opinion the point of movies are to entertain you, horror movies specifically to scare you or instill fear in some way. And there are obviously standards for what a good movie is. This movie was not too impressive in terms of the plot or anytype of academy award winning screenplay or acting, but the movie did its job, it was scary...and sure it "instilled fear"
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By eevans
Written February 15, 2007
This was a pretty good horror flick.... cool twist ending...... kinda scary for little ones, my 9 year old usually likes movies like Skeleton Key, War of the Worlds...... this was too scary for him. Good movie though.
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