By glorialopezavina
Written November 24, 2013
This movie is my FAVORITE, in spite of me watching it this year (2013). It's pretty good for 1999. I love it. Its graphics are so awesome. Like my rating, it is a MUST-GO. I really think they should put it back in theaters or something. That's be awesome, no :)?
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The Matrix review

By WepaYork
Written February 26, 2017
Dazzling special effects amid an anti-capitalistic, resist system's control over you message.
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By moviesrulz5
Written March 29, 2015
THIS MOVIE WAS ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Five Word Review

By CrazyPhish
Written October 24, 2009
Very cinematic futuristic martial-arts thriller
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Best movie ever... (NOT hyperbole!)

By shiro45
Written December 18, 2009
This movie did the best job of fusing science fiction, martial arts, and anime styling with profound reflections on religion and philosophy. This movie continues to be the #1 movie in my personal movie-going history...
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