The Master

By moviehead_1212
Written April 30, 2016
Great film! Fantastic performances. Joachim Phoenix gives an award worthy performance as does Philip Seymour Hoffman - and the rest of the cast is amazing also. The sound track is ground-breaking and heightens the drama in unexpected and crucial ways. This is the kind of movie that both entertains and makes people think! Would like to see a lot more movies of this caliber in the AMC theaters! Go AMC! Caro
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The Master of what?

By adamsnyc
Written May 04, 2016
Let me state that I love PTA. Have absolutely loved all his movies and was hoping to love this one too. It was nicely shot but so overacted it was hard to believe. I felt like I was watching a mockumentary of a method acting class. The music by Johnny Greenwood was also overwrought and distracting. Huge Disappoinment
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The most horrible movie I have seen

By Pamellla
Written May 05, 2016
I love almost all kinds of movies. However, I found this movie truly disgusting and having no purpose. It tries to masquerade as art, but it fails beyond miserably. Joaquin Phoenix does look like a miserable, sick alcoholic, so he did succeed at that. It is filled with closeups of Phillip saying nonsense over and over. I would never recommend that anyone see this movie. Safe your money; believe me, I would love to get mine back.
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Absolute Crap!

By rogerscher
Written February 10, 2016
Excellent acting but no storyline whatsoever. 2+ hours of boredom. Almost no one in the theatre. One couple left after about 30 minutes. I should have joined the exodus.
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superbly executed with a side order of nuance

By pburris
Written June 02, 2015
Perhaps Mr. Anderson's most subtle and mature work yet, The Master doesn't deliver quite the same pace of Boogie Nights, nor the savage passion of There Will Be Blood. Yet, I'd deem this a better work than both of those (and I enjoyed them a great deal). I might argue that Magnolia gives The Master a run for its money, in terms of ensemble casts and epic scale, yet The Master succeeds precisely because PT Anderson has scaled BACK a bit, His insistence on driving at one story with multiple dimensions proves beneficial for his direction of talented cast members with ranges capable of astonishing us. Joachim Phoenix and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, already accomplished talents, dig deep here to showcase their characters' competing fears and strengths, their grudging courage, and their frailties. As thorough a Tour de Force as The Master proves to be, I do think it could have lost half an hour in the editing room to no deleterious effect
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