The Master (2012) Synopsis
A drifter becomes the right-hand man of a religious organization's charismatic leader.
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The Master

By wallythom
The worst tripe masquerading as some great intellectual character play. Would the sheep write such rave reviews if the critics had not gushed over it? The Emperor has no clothes, folks. WT...

Master Disaster

By Lazard
Master is a self-indulgent exercise in art for art's sake designed to appeal to critics and Hollywood insiders not the ticket-buying public. There is no plot, no narrative arc-just a series of...


By Dystopika
Not the expose of Scientology that many people were expecting but rather, as PTA does, this is a character study.Joaquin looks like a cat who's been forced to wear clothes. Go see this movie. ...

The Master

By wkr@themovies
A magnicantly acted waste of time. There is at least one acadamy award nomination hidden amidst the boozy-meandering nonsense. Both of the lead actors do "disturbed" really well.....but to pay money...

Not everyone's cup of tea

By branagh
This is a tighter film than PTA's There WIll Be Blood. There are some compelling scenes, but the energy gets diluted. Phoenix's character is all Id and Hoffman's all Super Ego. There were a few...

Epic! Must See!

By nwportbeach
Epic! 90% of the film will blow your mind and leave you laughing hysterically. A few slows parts, but the brillance surrounding makes it totally worth the ride. Will linger in your mind continually...

Lost in It's Own Beautiful Reflection

By alandm61
Beautifully shot capturing the postwar period visually in "you are there" color and composition. Music, too...but relentlessly intense as is the film, which is promising for first 1/2 hour. The film,...

Joaquin Phoenix is great, the story..........ehhhh.

By SCBRoslyn
In a nutshell, Joaquin Phoenix is the entire entertainment value in this movie. His character development is outstanding! I also thought, what I'll call "the psychology," of the film is well done....

Very Long =/= Bad

By grandchess_josh
To start off, this is a movie which you'll either love, or you'll hate. You will either love this movie for it's contents, or despise it for it's length. So, saying that the movie was very long,...

You've got to be kidding !!!!

By stewski
I love intelligent, thought provoking films. This was not it. I went to this movie yesterday and came out wondering why this movie was creating so much positive feedback. It shouldn't have been...

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Rated R | For Graphic Nudity, Sexual Content and Language
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Common Sense Media says Intense, evocative drama examines faith, compulsion.
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