By hugh_who
Written November 06, 2012
Its like somebody read a bad Chinese comic-book about a Kung Fu fight and then made a bad english speaking movie about the bad Chinese comic book. The Kung Fu fights were poorly choreographed with all the actors spending way too much time attached to ropes while they spun in every direction, it looks good on occasion but it was overdone in this movie. Russell Crowe had a few good lines in the movie but his character was unremarkable and any actor could have played the part. For some reason streams of extremely phony looking blood shooting out of every person that dies in the movie is somehow something the viewer must see over and over again. It was just another bad fall movie in a fall filled with bad movies.
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Was hoping RZA would give us a taste of the old school; should'a known from the trailer...

By Edshugeo
Written November 01, 2014
Closer in style to post Tsui Hark wu-xia films and Ma Wing Shing comic books than to old school martial art films, despite cameos from Gordon Liu and Chen Kwan Tai. But still, the movie ends up better than most (but not all) of the films in this genre from HK/China, over the last decade Looking forward to buying the blu-ray.
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By geoelevation25
Written October 24, 2014
It looks super action packed which prevented me from wanting to see it anyway. It turns out to be a sexual art instead of martial arts which makes it so boring and exhausting to watch. There were a few good scenes though.
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In homage to the old kung fu flicks

By millwil
Written October 22, 2014
For the Rza's first movie, this was a pretty good film. It is definitely in traditional Tarantino over the top style but overall the movie has a good storyline. It's a fun movie for those that aren't HK cinema purists.
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Good Fun

By Character_Count
Written July 29, 2014
You can tell a lot of heart went into making this movie and the result is great fun to watch. There is no false depth or pretentious lessons, but the story is solid and there is plenty of sex and violence.
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