Iron Fists is not for everyone...

By Bruce_The_Almighty
Written March 27, 2015
If you are a fan of this kind of movie it is good.. you have to like the genre of film.. lots of violence and blood and guts.. typica of this kind of film.. but it had a good story line and the actors where good...
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Yahoo for Kung Fu!

By aloha_quip
Written May 23, 2015
First, let me say that I love Kung Fu movies of all kinds. I especially like Quentin Terintino's flair for the over dramatic and Rza did a fantastic job creating this story line. This movie has everything I like...humor, sex, violence, comaraderie and a bitter sweet ending to a long battle. The detail to character development made it interesting to watch the whole way through, and the ridiculously bloody fight scences were wonderful!
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Re-make Back in the day Kung Fu Theater!

By Lawdawg3148
Written January 30, 2015
If you were a fan of Kung Fu Theater back in the 70's-80's that came on Sundays' at noon, you'll like this movie! Didn't expect to see an academy award winner but to be entertained, and I was!!
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Man with the iron fists

By phuey2003
Written December 20, 2014
Too many characters, the romance wasn't devolped enough. Movie just looked like they tried to be too many things to too many people. Action sequences were decent, and over the top just like I expected them to be....
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Fun but flawed

By jhs39
Written July 25, 2014
Entertaining but flawed homage to 1970's martial arts flicks. The movie was apparently edited down from a much longer cut and feels like it--the pacing is too frenetic and the opening scenes include way too much exposition, which make them needlessly confusing. Also, RZA can't act and leaves a huge whole at the center of the film since he gave himself the title part. But the rest of the actors are good and this has some fun action and enjoyably hammy performances. Worth a look but only at the bargain show.
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