Saturday Kung Fu

By TwinsNoles
Written November 04, 2012
This was great! It reminded me of the Saturday Kung fu flicks I watched as a kid. Not a lot of plot but lots of action. The story is decent. But I didn't go for the story. I went for excellent stress release after work Friday. Just what the doctor ordered! Not for kids .....some sex Acting ....just like Saturday morning.
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Written November 06, 2012
Some WTF moments, some great fight scenes. It was an "okay" movie. If you have time to waste, you could do worse than watching this movie.
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By AceVintage
Written November 07, 2012
Written by Rza, Directed by Rza and the only movie that would star Rza. Simple, silly, funny with a portly Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu who is the real star. Scenery is awesome, but the 80s Prince-like wigs and costumes make it a comedy. Lots of John Woo kung fu action. Entertaining to say the least and I am glad I went. Wouldn't go see it again, but would catch it as a first run t.v. feature. It is more than mildly entertaining.
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Retro Tribute

By aaron.foster70
Written November 03, 2012
If your a fan of the old kung fu style movies with the cheesy dialect, bad acting and lots of fighting and action then this is the movie for you. I LOVE the old style movie and thought this movie did a very good job of paying tribute to the old classic's. The acting was not great, but it was not meant to & there were definitely lots of cheesy lines. Also there were LOTS OF F'ing HOT ASIAN GIRLS, which made it VERY enjoyable. I think overall RZA did very good job directing his movie. I would recommend going to see this movie
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The RZA knows his Shiznit

By Karga
Written November 05, 2012
Rotten Tomatoes only gave this movie a 53 which is sad, because it's clear that the Rza loves kung fu movies. Iron Fists is as good if not better than all the old timey chop socky movies the Shaw Brothers made. I half expected to see the SB logo at the beginning. It's 100% evocative of those films. Gordon Liu even shows up in a cameo. Movie snobs might have issues with the Rza/Wu Tang music in the film, modern day obscenities, and the actual Iron fists are clearly made of latex with some cgi enhancement--but the fighting is amazing and the acting is great. Like any Street Fighter game there are lots of amazing characters with signature weapons and great kung fu skills. If you've seen Kung Faux on TV and liked it, you will love the Man with the Iron Fists.
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