The Man With the Iron Fists

By doggdezz
Written May 22, 2015
Me and my wife went to see this action filled move with a great since of humor. The story line was excellent, it made me feel like channel 5 back in the days. If you love martial arts movies, this is a must see.
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Re-make Back in the day Kung Fu Theater!

By Lawdawg3148
Written January 30, 2015
If you were a fan of Kung Fu Theater back in the 70's-80's that came on Sundays' at noon, you'll like this movie! Didn't expect to see an academy award winner but to be entertained, and I was!!
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The Man With the Iron Fists

By connie72
Written August 04, 2015
Took my 14 year old at 10pm and it was really good. Was expecting to catch a nap or something and was not even sleepy afterward. I could see it again.
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Stays true to the oldskool kung fu flick

By smithwashington
Written August 20, 2014
The RZA did the best he could I beleive his first time around with this Kung Fu flick. The storyline was good it carried well and the action sequences were plentiful even though some were a little cheesy. The special FX were good. The music was a little off but it was a more mordern flick and the music was inspired by the RZA so it was what it was. Overall it is a good flick.
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Kept waiting for it to kick into high gear...............

By Italianstudbanger
Written November 26, 2015
The story was interesting but it dragged on until the last 30 minutes. Russell Crowe as the rugged American delivered s a few humorous one liners. And Lucy Lui csn do no wrong in my eyes. She was fantastic. I'd say RZA had to much on his hands.
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