Review of Man With The Iron Fist

By ecr1
Written October 01, 2016
Great movie. Russel Crow was great as always, but the brother who played the black smith in the movie was great. Also, the asian actor who's father was killed at the beginning of the movie was great. He kicked butt! The female actor who ran the ladies house was outstanding. She put work in too. Over all it was an outstanding movie. Can't wait for the blue ray to come out, and can't wait for The Man With The Iron Fist 2 to come out. I will be their on the first day.
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By meccassault
Written May 25, 2016
Ok I am a fan of Eli Roth, RZA and Quentin as well as Dave Bautista....The movie is Intentionally a cheesy throwback martial arts flick. Know this before watching it. It is meant for a good fun ride, so don't expect academy award performances or a ton of depth by any means. It has some decent action and some very sexy ladies and is entertaining to a degree. It fell pretty short though....overall, RENTAL.
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Iron Fists is not for everyone...

By Bruce_The_Almighty
Written October 22, 2016
If you are a fan of this kind of movie it is good.. you have to like the genre of film.. lots of violence and blood and guts.. typica of this kind of film.. but it had a good story line and the actors where good...
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Fun but flawed

By jhs39
Written June 26, 2016
Entertaining but flawed homage to 1970's martial arts flicks. The movie was apparently edited down from a much longer cut and feels like it--the pacing is too frenetic and the opening scenes include way too much exposition, which make them needlessly confusing. Also, RZA can't act and leaves a huge whole at the center of the film since he gave himself the title part. But the rest of the actors are good and this has some fun action and enjoyably hammy performances. Worth a look but only at the bargain show.
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Man With the Iron Fists

By fmasuoka
Written September 30, 2016
Only reason we went to see this movie was because Russell Crowe was in it. Previews did not get us excited. The rest of the actors did not get us excited and we are not a big fan of the Asian flying martial artists in any movie. Bottom line is we should have waited for it to come out in NETFLIX. Would not rent it or buy it. Felt it was a poor choice for Russell Crowe. Overpriced, Overadvertised, and Overated.
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