How high can the blood fly?

By revitalp
Written September 02, 2015
Well, I should have known there will be lots of blood, but boy howdy, was there a lot of blood. It is almost as if the production team was getting a kick out of trying to see how high they can make the red fluid squirt. Other than that it was a fine movie, great outfits, actors and choreography.
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kitsch but not so kung fu

By Greenkairos
Written April 01, 2015
Not a great movie to see if you are interested in real kung fu. Fine if you like dismemberment. Rather like the Sicilian puppet stories of Orlando Furiouso, but with hookers. Pass unless you are in the mood to see something so badly written, with such poor dialogue, that it begins to laughable because of how bad it is.
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Not what I expected, but entertaining

By madeleine9499
Written July 30, 2015
Went in thinking this was a Quentin movie, but it isn't. It has a Quentin flare but stops there. However, the action was great the costumes were fun, funny even hilarious but made complete sense given the genre o the movie. Forget the dialog and just watch the action. Over the top but good fun.
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Rocking Kung Fu style

By nmarchetti
Written January 26, 2015
I have to admit, being a closet fan of old school martial arts movies, that The Man with The Iron Fists stayed true mostly to the genre - albeit with a lot more blood tossed in plus rap music. The music though only did what good movie music does - set a mood. It got a little slow in some parts, but the action and fighting sequences were enough that I really, really enjoyed it. Who the hell knew Russell Crowe could use a knife like that?
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Thank God For Russell Crowe

By movie-pro
Written March 30, 2015
Kind of painful to watch at times, not for the action but the terrible dialog and acting. Half of those guys looked like Marty Stewart on crack. Not really even a good rental. Save your money and time wasted watching this screwed up mess. How Russell Crowe can go from "Beautiful Mind" "Gladiator" "310 to Yuma" ETC to this total mess is beyond me? I guess a payday?? Skip it....
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