A waste of an otherwise perfect evening

By bigbadswede
Written June 29, 2016
Dont't waste your money or time to see the socalled borderline movie. Plot is old and at times even makes no sense whatsoever. The characters are predictable and the dialoge is corny. Way too much blood and incredible master arts impossible to create in the real world.
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By Motobobo
Written March 25, 2017
If you like Tarantino stylized movies, this is a good one. Anybody who calls themselves RZA ( Born Robert Diggs a.k.a. Prince Rakeem, Bobby Steels, The Rzarector, and The Abbott) is a very special kind of guy, but his movie is remarkably entertaining, and he did everything - wrote it, directed it, stars in it, and probably cleaned up after everybody went home. It's fun.
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Just didn't hit that so bad its good chord.

By QKocur
Written April 30, 2016
RZA looked bored the entire time and it just did not reach the levels of camp to make it funny enough. Russel Crowe was the only good part of the movie.
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Waste of Money - wait for it on cable

By californiawombat
Written January 18, 2017
Story was slow to develop- and was hard to stay awake at times - Martal Arts action was above average - but special effects were laughable at times. Performances of key actors was below expectations - and they seemed uncomfortable in their roles at times - or tried to hard to be believable - but were not.
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This movie sets out to accomplish a vision and succeeds

By perfectunion_2005
Written July 26, 2016
These days, action movies of all types strive to have as much realism and logic as possible. The RZA, the star and director of this film, combines fantasy, philosophy, imagination, and incredible action choreography in this movie. What a lot of reviewers are missing is that the plot isn't supposed to be some complex story, this is a film that pays homage to the old martial arts/kung-fu movies that had very little story line but made sure the action sequences and creativity were alive. RZA's storyline for this makes enough sense for the movie to work and for the audience to appreciate the action sequences. The acting is great by all of the actors/actresses for what the movie is. I personally think that RZA, Russell Crowe, and Lucy Lui brought their A-game. RZA also injects modern aspects into the movie like the soundtrack, certain weaponry, and a couple other things. It doesn't diminish the movie though. I predict this will be a cult classic someday. Not a kids movie but a great film.
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