Not what I expected, but entertaining

By madeleine9499
Written May 26, 2015
Went in thinking this was a Quentin movie, but it isn't. It has a Quentin flare but stops there. However, the action was great the costumes were fun, funny even hilarious but made complete sense given the genre o the movie. Forget the dialog and just watch the action. Over the top but good fun.
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more for TV watching

By krazy_for_movies
Written December 29, 2014
Although the movie was kind of interesting it is more like a 70's movie that should be shown on tv. I felt like I was watching a remake. I would not waste money to see it. I will not be purchasing it when it comes out on dvd once was enough
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Cheesy, as expected, predictable, as expected

By promo153
Written January 28, 2015
I didn't read the fine-print before going to the movies. I thought this was a Tarantino movie, but he is only the promoter. It's a RZA movie, and I'm not a big fan of all things Wu Tang Clan. Fun movie, but not worth the $11 per person IMHO.
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By meccassault
Written March 31, 2015
Ok I am a fan of Eli Roth, RZA and Quentin as well as Dave Bautista....The movie is Intentionally a cheesy throwback martial arts flick. Know this before watching it. It is meant for a good fun ride, so don't expect academy award performances or a ton of depth by any means. It has some decent action and some very sexy ladies and is entertaining to a degree. It fell pretty short though....overall, RENTAL.
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By TianaKavati
Written December 28, 2014
i only saw it to hang out with friends and we barely watched it. we talked the whole time and no one was in the theater to yell at us. Great time waster!
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