The Man With the Iron Fists Synopsis
A blacksmith (RZA) channels ancient energies to forge himself into a human weapon.
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By mattbush12
It's good if you are into kung fu movies, but this is a very confused movie. It can't decide what it wants to be and honestly RZA's performance made it all the worse. Replace RZA with a chinese actor...

Classic Kung Fu

By MedRed
I remember in the early 90's when the RZA talked about his passion for classic Kung Fu movies. He's finally had a chance to make one of his own... and it's faithful to its predecessors. What does...

Confucius say person who watch this movie is one smart cookie.

By bcjmunroe
Watching this movie brought me back to the '80s when I watched Kung Fu Theatre on USA. This movie was no block buster but it was a retro homage to those movies that entertained so many. If you enjoy...

Not the best Martial Arts flic, but definitely not the Worst..

By SansMerci3
RZA did a lovely job for his obviously first foray into film-making. Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu sure seemed like they were having a great time with their parts, and that's always nice to see. The...

What the Hades?

By QUiogue
Right about now I wish I bought tickets to the Katy Perry movie. I'd like to say simply this movie was bad but that would be disparaging the word bad and all its connotations. The acting is brutal....

Saturday Kung Fu

By TwinsNoles
This was great! It reminded me of the Saturday Kung fu flicks I watched as a kid. Not a lot of plot but lots of action. The story is decent. But I didn't go for the story. I went for excellent...

Wild Ride

By ricewilliamj
It's a fun movie. If you like Kung Fu it's spot on. The story needs something fleshed out but it stays true to 79s-80s movies in quality. See it!...


Some WTF moments, some great fight scenes. It was an "okay" movie. If you have time to waste, you could do worse than watching this movie....


By AceVintage
Written by Rza, Directed by Rza and the only movie that would star Rza. Simple, silly, funny with a portly Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu who is the real star. Scenery is awesome, but the 80s Prince-like...


By theonepf
This movie is not worth your time or money. Boring, not funny, bad action. It was not a good spoof on kung fu flicks nor was it a good kung fu flick if it was not trying to be a spoof. It's hard to...

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Rated R | For Brief Drug Use, Bloody Violence, Language and Strong Sexuality
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Common Sense Media says Violent but blah martial arts tribute from rapper RZA.
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