What parents need to know

Parents need to know that The Man with the Iron Fists is a martial arts action film from rapper RZA, of the Wu-Tang Clan, a lifetime fan of this genre who makes his directorial debut here. Violence is strong, albeit with a somewhat cartoonish feel, with several scenes of fighting, spurting blood, slicing and dicing, severed limbs and heads, and other intense moments. The action takes place largely in a brothel, and although sexual suggestion is fairly strong, there's no actual nudity. In one scene, a main character appears to have been giving oral sex to a woman in a bathtub (he emerges from under the water). Language includes a handful of uses of "f--k," "s--t," and the "N" word. Several characters drink and smoke, and opium is used by one major character. Fans of Quentin Tarantino -- who's a "presenter" -- are likely to be eager to see it.
  • Families can talk about The Man with the Iron Fists' violence. How does its over-the-top style affect its impact? What were the consequences of the violence?
  • Why do you think the Jack Knife character drinks so much? Are the consequences realistic?
  • Which of these characters appeared to be trained martial artists? Were any of them role models?
  • Director RZA is a lifelong fan of martial arts movies who finally made one of his own. What kinds of movies would you make if you had the chance? How would you use your knowledge as a fan to make them?
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