Frank & Kim Novak

By Koali
Written April 28, 2012
Excellent acting by all. Gruesome. Anxious scenarios in shoddy dwellings continually occurring. Evil is chasing Frank Sinatra. Kim Novak!
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By lugubriousthespian
Written June 12, 2009
Otto Preminger ably directs this stagy but still powerful story of a young heroin addict (marvelously acted by Frank Sinatra) trying to go straight, but finding himself unable to after returning to his old urban haunts and an invalid wife he doesn't truly love. Subplots abound with colorfully seedy characters that orbit the main storyline of a gaggle of shady card players trying to outwit a dangerous high stakes roller. Kim Novak costars as Sinatra's one-time lover who valiantly holds vigil over him during his attempt at self-detoxing. Great jazzy score and moody art direction make this one a perfect flick for a rainy afternoon...
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