The Man in 3B Synopsis
Daryl Graham has just moved into a Jamacia, Queens, apartment building in New York and his neighbors, both male and female alike, can't stop talking about him. He immediately becomes a part of each of the tenants' lives.

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By MDSims4
This movie is more like a TV special, on the big screen, GARBAGE! The production is so low budget, the sound kept dropping in and out. Don't waste your time with this one....

A waste of time and MONEY

By blessedbeauty82
This movie was ridiculous. it was very corny and the movie was all over the place. the acting was horrible and the story was very stupid. this movie is not worth your time nor money. I wouldn't even...


By miafairly
I really want to give it 5 stars to support black released movies. It was a typical black movie, music and script. I am glad to see many actors I have not seen in awhile on the big screen....


By bmw19
I thought the movie was great. It didn't leave me disinterested at any point. Eye Candy was a plus & the women were beautiful as well. I didn't find myself feeling the movie to be predictable &...

Beat movie

By adamskingj
Too bad it is only at a few theatres. Definitely worth seeing. Well done. Will see it again....

The Man in 3B

By greggiefresh52
Good cast - dynamic chemistry between the actors and actresses - plot twist out of left field - damn...


By tstarr89901
The book was awesome so I had high expectations for the movie and the movie did the book justice! The cast was great and really embodied the characters in the book... I'm glad Carl Weber was...

worth seeing

By tamikacarter77


By KarateTD
For the reason why, go to [BLOCKED WEBSITE]...

The Man in 3B

By tanyadawson823
Awesome movie, lots of twists and turns. Thought provoking with a touch of humor. Look forward to seeing more films from author and producer Carl Weber on the big screen!...

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Rated R | For Language and Sexuality