Won Bin gives a haunting performance

By DuramaQueen
Written December 21, 2016
The sad and weary eyes of "ahjusshi," the mysterious pawnbroker who maintains the the lowest of profiles and tries to stay out of the troubles of others have a story to tell but the only one who wants to hear it is a little girl who's nickname is "garbage." It's thanks in no small part to Won Bin's enigmatic portrayal that this movie is elevated above the standard revenge and redemption formula. Lean and spare in both his physical presence and the persona he creates, he draws the eye and intrigues the viewer. This is not a movie for the faint of heart; there are scenes of violence and brutality, some of it against small children that will appall many viewers. But the brutal portrayal of the corrupt world of organized crime in South Korea is effective. Fight sequences are well choreographed and imaginative. This film is one of a number of South Korean films that are looking to make a mark in the world of cinema and reflects a growing sophistication of the industry.
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By 99seine
Written July 22, 2012
AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. One of the best movies I"ve ever seen. Korean movies never fail to amaze me
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touch of Old Boy and the Professional

By yiman
Written October 18, 2010
this is a must see movie if your a suspense/action fan. The fight scenes were fantastic and the action was really good for this type of film. The Story is pretty much Old Boy and The Professional combined together but you don't watch this movie for the Story you watch it for the kick ***fight scenes.
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By MajesticJac
Written September 11, 2011
This moving was breathtaking! I saw it with my mother. We are 21 & 51, and we both found the movie really great. This movie was very emotionally involving (it was very powerfully done, we both cried), and it also had some really exciting and superbly awesome action scenes. The whole shabang. Guns, hand-to-hand combat, knives, throwing axes... You know. :) Go see this movie! It deserves some more attention. I continue to picture different parts of it, images of it running through my mind...the telltale sign that I'll surely have to see this movie again! Annd, I could see what people mean about Won Bin. Pretty guy. Not to mention, his character is totally awesome.
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By tdhelgeson
Written August 02, 2014
This is one of my favorite movies! It's like a darker, grittier version of Taken! Best Korean movie and that includes Oldboy!
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