By hotpm123
Written September 25, 2016
I loved this movie. It was a multicultural bonanza. It was just as good as the original which is rare. Denzel was his usual tour de force and Chris Pratt was a joy to watch with a role that gave him a chance to show some deeper acting than I have seen previously. Please see this movie.
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By railwaybaron
Written January 18, 2009
Magificant! Great new print. Yule was a real man's man. The kid is too kidish, and it is a bit preachy--but it was 1960 and JFK was alive! It was ahead of its time supporting Native Americans and Latinos (although most come over as spineless.) The authentic Tahumana dance sequence was worth the price of admission. It was my first visit to the Egyptain and what a movie to see! The cinemaistas need to keep their voices down before the movie starts so the rest of us could get into the mood--pass the word. I will never forget "We deal in lead." And the music, Elmer your brother had nothing over you!
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