By GenoP28
Written January 16, 2009
I love film equally to that of music and opera, and in this film they are brillantly used together to make a great work/performance. Making what would be an unforgettable opera performance into a lasting work of art, thanks not simply to Mozart, but to Ingmar Bergman, who does much justice to one of Mozart's greatest inspirations. There is something very accessible in not only Mozart's score to any heart that is open, but also in Bergman's sensitive direction there is an honesty and imagination that doesn't become so lofty for our Plebian American tastes. It almost lifts our spirits to loftiness with particularly Papageno's longing and humor. Love is the depiction, and Mozart sighs with love in his music, it is almost inevitable that any heart that can feel will find an unconscious satisfaction somewhere taking place in the spirit.
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The Magic Flute

By Bill Keiser
Written January 15, 2009
Sublime as opera and as film.
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