By arau99
Written July 26, 2014
Refreshing Bollywood film different from the regular song and dance. Though it left me wanting just a little more at the end.
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By bjeisenberg
Written April 18, 2014
So great I really love this movie. Suggest everybody just go win with no expectations and be ready to be blown away. This movie will leave you feeling happy and wondering what might come next
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"The Lunchbox"--Tidbits of Love

By dianapaul
Written July 11, 2014
This 2014 Indian film is a quirky romantic tale of two very lonely and desperate people attempting to find something to live for. A psychological study of loneliness and hope, "The Lunchbox" masterfully questions how much an individual is willing to risk to change his or her life. Saajan Fernandes is a fifty-something civil servant on the cusp of retirement and resentful about it. Ila, a beautiful young thirty-something mother, studies cooking from television shows and from her aunt, who lives in the apartment upstairs and coaches her to improve her culinary skills in order to please her husband: the old adage about a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. The problem: it is not her husband whose heart is charmed by her cooking. Ila lovingly prepares a lunchbox for her husband, to be delivered by the complex yet typical lunch delivery system for office workers. It is mistakenly delivered to Fernandes. This begins a series of lunchbox notes as Fernandes awakens from his sleepwalking existence, and Ila begins to feel affection for someone once again. But "The Lunchbox" also devastatingly reveals the melancholy of entrapment with no way out. It is a missive in itself: to love regardless--and perhaps, in spite,--of age. Sometimes the wrong train can take you to the right station” claims Saajan"s friend. The ending is not a neat tying up of loose ends, and may leave some viewers frustrated. Nonetheless, this is a surprising film of depth, warmth, and character. "The Lunchbox" deserves to be devoured, morsel by morsel, by a wide audience! For my complete review go to my website at: (July 9, 2014)
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Good movie

By elenikostopoulos
Written March 02, 2014
Abrupt ending leaves something to the imagination but overall feel-good film.
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By Renzu Films
Written March 03, 2014
Made me hungry for more
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