The Lunchbox

By wechslernm
Written August 21, 2014
We enjoyed it a great deal. I don't like the rating options provided here- Go or Must Go. It's not so magnificent that your life would be permanently challenged for not having seen it, but it was a totally enjoyable, wonderfully acted, emotionally intense and moving exploration of connections, relationships, communication, hopes and expectations. It has the sensibilities one would expect from an Indian movie. It moves at its own pace, its subtleties and nuances gently developed and unfolding. Another superb performance by Irrfan Kahn, and the beautiful Nimrat Kaur's wonderful portrayal of the lonely housewife was believable and delightful to behold. NMW & DJL
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Creative Tension

By Arturzinho
Written August 21, 2014
The conceit or concept of the movie is a delight and leads one to think that is will be a light-heared romantic comedy. The clever idea of a mixed-up delivery of a lunchbox to a man who is very happy with the contents could easily become a predictable but enjoyable story of consummated love. The journey becomes darker and more emotionally involving. Sensing the possibility that the outcome was not a foregone conclusion, I sat on the edge of my seat, immersed in the complexity of the characters. Brilliant performances in all the roles -- lead and supporting -- contribute to a gratifying evening in the theatre.
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By frenchteach
Written April 07, 2014
from what i had read about the film, i hadn't thought it would be so sad. in fact. all alomg i wa hoping for a happy eding. in addition i had a lot of trouble with th subit;es/ they were so light on an even lihter background. so i couldn' t really follow it as well as i would have liked.
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The Lunchbox is worth seeing!

By lazarus4
Written March 30, 2014
We enjoyed this cozy little relationship movie. It's two main character's seemed heartfelt and full of internal conflict. The unseen but frequently heard character of the woman's auntie left your imagination to fill in her physical details but you definitely felt her presence throughout the film. While it is mostly subtitled in English and mostly spoken in Hindi there are portions in English and it makes it seem like a very real window into life of quite a few in India. They are caught in their roles and families just as much but in a way no different from anywhere else! It open ending leaves you with a positive an hopeful feeling for the two main characters!
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The Lunch Box

By catharinejones
Written March 15, 2014
To view this movie you have to willing to be with the characters as they develop, not expect lots of outer action, rather it's the suble working of relationships.
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