The Lucky One Synopsis
A war vet looks for the woman he believes brought him good luck during his tour of duty in Iraq.
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By TXmoviemom
I am a HUGE Zac Efron fan, so I will admit, that's why I went to see the movie..but I do LOVE Nicholas Sparks and "The Notebook" is my all time favorite movie. I was instantly drawn into this movie...

pretty good

By susannasmovies
I loved the movie. Granted, it was different from the book...but I've come to expect that with movies. It's definitely a movie for girls, but that's no surprise as it is a Nicholas Sparks book. It's...

Wonderful date movie

By PBPmovielover
I read the original book first and couldn't have imagined the characters or setting any better than what was portrayed in this movie. Zac Efron was wonderful! Very romantic! The type of guy every...


By lvegas
I expected this movie to be good with the cast. It exceeded my expectations!! It was a great story. The story and acting was right on!...

Another successful Nicholas Sparks book to movie conversion

By Darkola
If your a fan of former movies of Nicholas Sparks books, like Dear John, and The Notebook, then you will of course be a fan of this movie. I have not read this book, so I really cant compare the...

Book Lover Surprise

By alixveronica89
The movie was great, but it was (surprise) a lot different from the book! The first scenes from the book that took more time to read through and which were strategically planned out were breezed...

The Lucky One

By 4meandfamily
It was overall a great movie, but for the sex scenes. You could easily leave them out without taking anything away from the movie. It would be fantastic without those scenes. Would I recommend it...

Warm, Romantic And Thoroughly Entertaining.

By Al P
Not all movies are blockbusters, and sometimes that's a good thing. Now and then slow and steady wins the race too and I think that's a fair analogy for this film. The pace here is easy and...

Great movie!

By Jalynne
I really enjoyed The Lucky One - the storyline was interesting and kept your attention. It was great to see a good movie. I will be buying this movie!...

I loved it!!!!!

By maidtosparkle123
Ok, this movie is not just for chicks. You guys will like it as well. It is another one of the authors story where you think you know the plot but what you don't know is how you get there. A must...

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Rated PG-13 | For For some sexuality and violence
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Common Sense Media says Sweet but formulaic love story OK for teen romantics.
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