The Love Witch Synopsis
In this special presentation of director Anna Biller’s latest independent feature, beautiful young witch Elaine is determined to find a man to love her.
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Not for everyone!

By linknavi1
I liked that it was filmed using an old style camera. The actress was very beautiful and played her seduction very well. It did have some moments that made it seem odd but overall it was nice....

Beautifully Shot

Well done Anna Biller! Wonderful performances, gorgeous sets and costumes. Kudos. Looking forward to your next project....


By cashborn
From the start you are engulfed by a tsunami of colour and ride the wave right thru to the end. A triumph for Anna Biller and well deserving of all the plaudits....

The Love Witch

By jackbell804
Excellent movie....

Terrible acting! Dont be fooled by the rotten tomatoes rating this film is really bad.

By sakinalubke

The Love Witch

By watzinnaname
Absolutely Fabulous!...

Love Witch

By ssryan
Though the director, Anna Biller, obviously put a lot of effort into making the Love Witch, it's ludicrously bad. It's Rocky Horror Picture Show material. One laughs at the director and her choices...

The Love Which

By pbgv
The movie was way too long at two hours. It should have had 30 minutes edited out. Some scenes were comical. The beautiful eyeshadow kept my attention most of the time....