Beautiful and moving

By RandytheMovieFan
Written January 02, 2015
I've read the book and went with someone who hadn't, and we both thoroughly embraced this movie. The previews lead you to expect an intense murder mystery, but that's only a small part of the movie, which is pretty faithful to the book. If you want to see a great serial killer movie, go rent The Silence of the Lambs. The Lovely Bones, by contrast, is primarily a story of the grieving and healing process. The title is a metaphor, the knitting of new bones to replace those shattered by a terrible tragedy. It explores the different paths taken by family members and friends, including the murder victim herself as she narrates the story from a non-denominational heaven that is multi-layered and visually dazzling. The story is very tough at times to bear, but ultimately is quite worthwhile. The actors all do a fine job, but the movie hangs on Saoirse Ronan and she delivers an amazing performance.
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By CheyenneShadows
Written January 10, 2010
I Actually Watched This Movie Before I Read The Book, And I Think The Movie Was AMAZING. And Then Once I Read The Book I Was Sad That SO Much Stuff Was Left Out. But Still At The Same Time The Movie Itself Was Great! And The Book Was Even Better. So If You See The Movie Without Reading The Book First And You Love The Movie, You Will Love The Book Even More!
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book vs movie

By Lauren643
Written January 05, 2010
For those who read the book, you won't be too upset. I liked the movie and for those who did not read the book you will enjoy this movie. I do feel like they left out some important parts from the book like the rape scene. This part of the book gives the reader more empathy for the main character Susie. ANd they left out the mother's affair with Len. But as far as converting a book to a movie they did a good job. The in-between was visually great. Overall I would tell everyone to go see it. But the book was better.
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Incredible Movie!

By mochabean
Written December 13, 2009
I am a huge fan of the book, so i was both looking forward to and dreading the release of this movie. I think that the visuals of the movie were superb! The movie follows closely to the book but there are some significant diversions, though they are only important to someone who knows the book very well. The actors did their jobs very well. As I said the images were superb and I think this was the best part of the movie. It brought the in-between to life, perfectly showing the horrors and beauties, for Susie, of being there. All who are fans of the book should see it for the comparison, everyone else should see it for the beauty of the movie and the story!!!
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Great movie!

By jfdnunder
Written January 15, 2010
Please do not take your kids to this movie. It is not the type you would want them to see. It will freak them out and be scared for the rest of thier lifes. I loved the movie. IGreat acting and story line. After watching it I felt a little weird and scared and wanted to cry. I wanted to pull my kids out of school and hug them. Go see it with adults only.
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