VERY FUNNY MOVIE! Mike Myers is triumphant!!!!

By e-14
Written June 18, 2008
GO SEE THIS MOVIE!! Great character acting by everyone involved. A very good story line, very funny. I would not take small children, as the humor is for older teenagers or adults. GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!
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not looking good

By junoluver101
Written May 10, 2008
doesnt look that good
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It's Austin Powers meets Indian Musical

By saintandrew
Written June 30, 2008
I'm being generous because its Mike Meyers and I love his characterizations - normally. Love Guru just seems like a retread of Austin Powers. The main character is self absorbed, somewhat jealous of another character in the film, thinks constantly of sex, has all sorts of trade mark sayings, and makes fun of every bodily function. Take your pick - Austin Powers or Guru Pitka? Underneath the set designs and costumes, its really just the same film, same gags, and same characters. Justin Timberlake added a little something to the cast with his portrayal of a French Canadian Hockey Star, Jessica Alba was there for eye candy, and the funniest bit of the film was the Indian Musical slant in the closing credits. Why didn't they incorporate those sooner? All said and done, if you like Mike Meyers you'll probably be somewhat forgiving of the lack of new material. Mike's humor was once cutting edge but, like a joke you've heard a dozen times, eventually you tire of it. Mariska Hargitay everyone.
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it was hilarious, take it from me.

By theguyingreen
Written June 22, 2008
with me being a person who loves comedy movies and the such i personally do not understand the "OH NO" through "SO-SO" ratings that this movie has been recieving, this movie was a very hilarious movie that i guess the people that are extremely boring or didn't relise that this movie was a comedy have shuned and are telling others not to see it, i would like to take it in my beliefs and my time to tell you that this movie IS NOT A WASTE, it is one of the movies that i would say is the opening comedy of the summer, in my mind where some of you "OH NO"s will call me a maniac, i am hoping for a sequal, and to all the people that give a "GO" or "MUST GO" i compliment you as you know what you are doing, and to all the "SO SO"s to "OH NO"s, well thanks for your $8-9 contribution, and learn to laugh a little.
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By austin567
Written May 26, 2008
jessa abla if u are reading this leader u are my favorite actor in the intire WORLD and u are so cute
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