The Love Guru Synopsis
A self-help expert (Mike Myers) must get a hockey player's marriage back on track.
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VERY FUNNY MOVIE! Mike Myers is triumphant!!!!

By e-14
GO SEE THIS MOVIE!! Great character acting by everyone involved. A very good story line, very funny. I would not take small children, as the humor is for older teenagers or adults. GREAT...

not looking good

By junoluver101
doesnt look that good...

It's Austin Powers meets Indian Musical

By saintandrew
I'm being generous because its Mike Meyers and I love his characterizations - normally. Love Guru just seems like a retread of Austin Powers. The main character is self absorbed, somewhat jealous of...

it was hilarious, take it from me.

By theguyingreen
with me being a person who loves comedy movies and the such i personally do not understand the "OH NO" through "SO-SO" ratings that this movie has been recieving, this movie was a very hilarious...


By austin567
jessa abla if u are reading this leader u are my favorite actor in the intire WORLD and u are so cute...

Mike Myers taking advantage of built in audience.

By Dave_G78
This is what happens when you run out of Austin Powers movies. Think of another stupid character, bring back Mini Me, throw in Justin Timberlake and people will undoubtedly flock to this disaster.... sucked

By darlinglatina
The characters were boring, the jokes fell flat. Justin T., Jessica Alba and the supporting characters were sooo not funny. Mike Myers really tried: hockey, India, a chastity belt, a Celine Dion...


By mlorsi
You will be extremely disappointed in this movie. There were only a few times that I even chuckled, other than that, it was not funny! Mike myers movies' are known for their "hidden humor", however...

mildly amusing at best

By Phoolle
This movie was boring. I might have smiled a couple of times, but that was it. Save your money....

must go more than once!

By bb62
this movie was HILARIOUS1 and I am a serious 51 yr old man - but I was in tears laughing most of the movie...and I am sure I missed two-thirds of the jokes because of my laughter or the rapid fire...

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Rated PG-13 | For crude and sexual content throughout, language, some comic violence and drug references
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