The Love Affair Synopsis
A lawyer ends her partnership, and decides to focus on herself with help from a new man.

Movie Reviews

Great Love Story

By ljolson1291
This is a real emotional roller coaster and tear jerker. Fantastic acting job by the three star actors. The F-word is used three or four times so keep the young ones at home. The subject matter is...

The Love Affair.

By chicodafruit
A very bold movie. High lighting complicated life situation. Full of moral lessons we can learn from. Love hurts. And sometimes love just aint enough. ????...

A Love Affair

By annes2015
Brilliant story and cast. A very classy movie. They should be making more classy movies such as this. Worth every penny spent!...

great movie for couples.

By subejanoe
my wife and i went to watch the movie last night. in fairness we like the movie. excellent cast and acting. two thumbs up to the director and the crew....

hindi pa tapos

By jeffbeltranabuan
hindi pa tapos. nonood pa ako. kalahati palang o guard!...

The love affair

By nrpaguia
Very nice...

the love affair

By lgulapa
Great movie. Plot was unexpected! Loved it! Go see it!!...

The Love Affair

By alasj67
a wholesome movie. dramatic and the cast performed really well, very intense....


By cheripipay
great everything, actors, story,it's got everything : love, drama, comedy, and awesome lessons in life!...

the love affair

By bvillarama
actors were believable, realistic....

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Rated NR