Better than expected

By jhs39
Written February 21, 2017
I've never liked a Rob Zombie film. He's clearly a fan of the genre but the defining characteristic of his films to date has been their remorseless sadism. Lords of Salem, however, is something else entirely--a restrained Rob Zombie film with the sadism dialed down to nearly zero. Zombie has always worn his influences on his sleeve--this time around they appear to be John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness, Dario Argento's Evil Mother's trilogy (particularly the second one, Inferno) and Rosemary's Baby. The story concerns a radio DJ who receives a mysterious record that starts to make her see visions and have bizarre nightmares. Luckily her friendly landlord and her two sisters are on hand to offer friendly support and scones. Zombie tries for a slow burn effect this time out, creating tension with disturbing imagery and a sense that the film is building toward something horrible. More often than not it works, but fans of Zombie's previous more violent flicks may be disappointed.
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Lords of Salem aka Lords of Puke

By Shark180
Written January 17, 2017
This was the absolute worst movie I have ever seen. It was not scary; the special effects were only fair at best (looks like 1950's ). Acting was not required in this movie because the story line was so incredibly f$&ked up. The movie even failed to offend you... no matter what religion or faith you belong to. I'm not sure what the film makers were trying to accomplish, except maybe making the worst movie ever viewed on the "big screen". I certainly would not subject children or teens to this movie. I hope the city of Salem sues the production company.
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A waste of time and money - but the popcorn was good...

By philipaaronjohnson
Written May 26, 2017
Pathetic movie-making. It should have gone directly to DVD.
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oh no he didnt!

By jimmyvh
Written July 29, 2016
missed this movie at the theater and damn glad I did....went to four red boxes before I found it and it was not even worth swiping my card. Rob Zombies mind sure goes where others do not but this was a waste of time. Very choppy and could have been so much better. His idea was good but the outcome leaves a lot to be desired. With two well known actresses in this one would think at least the acting would be better but fell short.
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By mushhead
Written May 25, 2017
I did not like it, I thought it was all over the place
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