Hard to follow

By lenny5150
Written February 11, 2016
The visuals where amazing but the story made no sense at all and I love robs movies but this one was just a mind ***&^ the ending made no sense at all.save you're money wait for DVD
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By serendipcb
Written April 29, 2013
Seriously. I went in not expecting much from this movie and was still so very extremely disappointed! It began good, Sherry Moon did a great job acting, but then all of a sudden it went nowhere! The story line fell apart and you are left sitting there wondering why you spent money on this disaster. It is not scary, nor is it even entertaining! A few people have mentioned the old boobs. That was actually the only thing that scared me! Without the nakedness I would have had nothing to laugh at. Please don't waste your money OR time on this this seriously disappointing film (can I even call it that?). Boo Rob! I used to love Rob Zombie. I keep trying out his movies in the hope of finding redemption in him, but keep getting disappointed. Don't go. Go watch a chick-flick or something.
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By speciosusnex
Written July 31, 2016
Expected much more from this movie! Very disappointed!
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By screaminblocko
Written July 29, 2016
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The Lords of Salem

By stevendbeard
Written July 25, 2014
This is a horror movie written & directed by Rob Zombie but it is different from what you might expect . It is not bloody & gory , as you might think it would be . It's more of a throwback to the old and more subtle type of horror films . It has a cheaper budget and no digital effects . It does have a lot of older actors that film & t.v. buffs will recognize . Sheri plays a radio DJ that works in Salem , Massachusetts . She receives a box with a record by a group called 'The Lords' and when she plays it , it affects all the females in town . They all go into a trance and Sheri has flashbacks to the 1600's and specifically , Meg and her witches coven . Bruce plays the local historian/expert that tries to help Sheri discover exactly what is going on . Jeff plays one of Sheri's co-workers . It's rated "R" for violence , sexual content , language and drug use and has a running time of 1 hour & 41 minutes . It's not one that I would buy on DVD but it would be alright as a rental .
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