Wait for video or not at all

By jroyal76
Written April 28, 2017
Honestly I should have known, but i expected more from Rob Zombie. It's creepy at times, then down right dull at others. The story is lame and predictable, and becomes one big mess. Even dire hard horror, occult fans will want to get up and go get some popcorn, because they will know they probably haven't missed much.
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By morbid78
Written December 11, 2016
I like all things Rob Zombie but after watching this all I can say is WTF did I just watch. Its like an arty farty hipster movie. There were no creepy or scary parts in the movie. The trailers made me think the movie would be different and better. I will not be buying this when it comes out on DVD. If you must watch it and your not a hipster then wait for DVD and rent it.
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DEFINITELY not what anyone would expext.

By kellisadsad
Written April 30, 2016
I hate to say but this movie was horrible and a complete waste of money. The previews were deceiving and the entire movie was slow. I kept waiting for something to happen but it did nothing for me. The only thing it made me feel was uncomfortable and creeped out! I'm never this hard on movies and tend to like everything but wow....this was just....no.
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If all dont now this movie was based on his religion called Satanism

By killershetaz1
Written June 26, 2016
If you all cannot not handle seeing someone else religion then you are not open minded. Rob Zombie did this movie so the people will now what type of religion he believed in. Then you can understand where his music and his movies come from. His wife loves the way her husband is and then she also believes it to. Therefore if you want to now more about Rob Zombie go and see this movie.
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By sixgunriot
Written March 30, 2017
You know that one guy in school you always wanted to see succeed at something? Like the chubby dude who put ketchup in their mashed potato's? Then you go to a birthday party thinking "Maybe he'll be awesome at bowling, up, no, he just **** his pants."? What about the kid who always smelled like old people you thought was just "too artsy" or "weird" for others to get but you? Then that SAME dude gets expelled for jerking off on a school bus while everyone's all like "See, I Told you so."? That's how I felt while watching this movie. Although I do enjoy most of Zombie's work, this film and Halloween 2 will probably never make it to my personal collection. I'll always have a major crush on Sheri though. Call me? EM
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