The Lords of Salem Synopsis
A radio DJ in Salem, MA receives a mysterious wooden box that triggers a series of visions linked to the town's violent past.
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Creepy But Too Slow

By LastCubScout
Rob Zombie is definitely developing skills visually as a director, but he still hasn't grasped decent storytelling skills yet. The film looks great, beautifully gothic and moody, but it has the...

Alot of people are not going to get this movie

By larfa_2002
I love Rob Zombie and totally respect his actistic views and what he was trying to do with this movie. Turst me it is very different. It's not going to be one of my favs but it was worth seeing. If...

Vain Attempt To Prey On Religious Superstition...Dull and Comical For All The Wrong Reasons.

By Al P
Only the mind of a child could find this film's execution both plausible and frightening. The plot is full of holes, poorly developed and too reliant on shock that really isn't all that shocking by...

Rob Zombie created THIS? Eeek

By OoLahMomma23
If you're looking for another House Of 1000 Corpses or Devil's Rejects, don't look here!! LOS was so slow and SO awful, unless you're into a pointless story with old boobs. Lots and lots of old...

Metal music and witches, Oh My!

By goteam101
I enjoyed Rob's latest,I feel he has had this movie in him since House of a 1000 corpses and he waited for his leading lady on and off screen to be ready.Good call cause Sheri Moon does a great job...


By skeown1048
Rob Zombies worst.... a movie that after 10 min, wanted my money back, no plot, just a stack of short films, that made no sense, were gross, ugly . No script, looked like written by a 10 year old. ...

A couple of hours of my life I would like back

By clyde10
Sorry, but the silliness and the vast number of extremely unattractive nude bodies made me laugh. Not a bad premise, but Polanski did the Devil's offspring and the creepy neighbor things a whole lot...

A waste of money and time

By mortypiper
I usually like movies from Rob, but this was a big let down. Crappy uninspired acting, poor sound during the ranting and ravings, a plot that jumps around all over the place, and some issues just...

Absolutely Awful

By cell phone
i went in so excited to give rob zombie another chance with a movie that hits very close to home (i live 10 minutes away from where they filmed this). It was confusing jumbled up Bull. It jumped from...


By Codeman906
At first this movie seems ok, but then it just gets crazier and crazier and by the end your is going on.....DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY...

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Rated R | For for disturbing violent and sexual content, graphic nudity, language and some drug use