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By Govna
Written November 19, 2011
If anyone screams and yells during the movies I will get up out of my seat and knee you in the face.
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By Albatrocity
Written November 27, 2011
Fantastic to see all of these movies on the big screen together.
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Lord of the Rings Trilogy Event at Carmike Northgate

By tobascohotsauce
Written April 25, 2008
This was a great event. The event was very well organized, from beginning to end, and was handled in a very professional and courteous way. The services was fantastic and, one very important thing - the restrooms remained very clean all day! Loooking forward to the next event!
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LRT Trilogy was GREAT

By tsjones102bellsouthnet
Written April 13, 2008
An all day experience at Carmike Cinema at Northgate in Chattanooga, TN was great! The staff was excellent; the food included was excellent; the whole experience was excellent! I would definitely go again. If they offer marathon screenings of other movie sequels I like, I will definitely go.
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The Greatest Trilogy of all Time!

By Plunkett
Written April 13, 2008
Everything about the experience was awesome. However, I've never seen the extended version in a theater. It would great if that happed. I plan to go to more LOTR showings in the future if the stars align. Thanks a ton! This is the greatest trilogy of all time!
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