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By Govna
Written November 19, 2011
If anyone screams and yells during the movies I will get up out of my seat and knee you in the face.
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By JediFriedChicken
Written November 27, 2011
Fantastic to see all of these movies on the big screen together.
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By kelh02
Written April 14, 2008
I loved the movie! The only suggestion I would give is next time, let's do a LOTR Trilogy Extended Edition. Many of the people I spoke with thought when buying the tickets that this is what the day-long marathon was - an Extended Edition marathon. The food was good, but there was only sweet tea provided for the lunch buffet. I would have had water as another choice of beverage for those of us who do not drink sweet tea. Overall, it was a wonderful time for fans to gather and enjoy one of the greatest trilogys to date.
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Good time

By uthar1
Written April 22, 2008
Of course I had seen the movies many times, but they were way better in a theater, all at once.
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Best way to see the series

By SanchoFilmmaker89
Written January 23, 2011
While watching all three as a marathon is a commitment, you'll be in the theater all day, it's absolutely the best way to take in the series. I noticed differences in the writing and cinematography between the films that I hadn't before. For one, Fellowship has the most linear "hero's journey" out of the three. It Also introduces all of the protagonists in an unhurried way that was much appreciated. Towers still remains the darkest of the trilogy. Most of this film is set in the dead of night- ending in the harrowing Battle of Helms Deep. And the final is bittersweet throughout with much golden hues and meditations on the after.
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