Look out for Gordon-Levitt in The Lookout

By sethrich
Written April 08, 2007
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is outstanding in his role of a mentally disabled local hero (Chris Pratt), alongside a blind Jeff Daniels (Lewis), who would probably steal the show if he were given just a bit more screen time. Some of the characters were not developed as much as they could have been, and this can leave you wondering what happened to them. Where did Luvlee Lemons run off to? Where did the mysterious Bone come from? Don't expect an intense thriller or an hour and a half of bank robbery suspense, because that's only half the story here. The first half shows us Chris Pratt's accident and his life thereafter, and Lewis bringing a flavor of comedy relief. The second half presents a group of thugs, with Matthew Goode (Gary) as their dark ringleader, taking advantage of Chris Pratt by using him in their bank heist scheme.
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Good Movie

By 619boy531
Written January 30, 2009
This was a good movie, the casting was well done. The plot was also good. I'd recommend it.
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Best movie of the year!

By uberdeutsch72
Written April 18, 2007
Absolutely enthralling. Seriously one of the best movies of the year! Gordon-Levitt is making some smart choices lately with "Brick" and then this fine film. Jeff Daniels is amazing and I couldn't look away from the screen for a second. Go see this film!!!
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Great thriller

By wprphd
Written April 15, 2007
When was the last time your heart pounded in a movie just from the your emotional involvement with the characters? No gimics, car-chases, explosions or big shockers. You really get involved with the characters and are afraid for them. The best acting job is not the star or the co-star - though they are good. It's the portrayal of the small-time con-man Gary Spargo, played by Matthew Goode. Goode does a very "good" job of creating a very bad character, with much nuance. If you want to see subtlety and economy in acting and direction, watch for the scene toward the end where Spargo is sitting on the tail-gate of the station wagon watching his crony, Bone.
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I wake up, I take a shower, I use soap...

By ciscokidfpm
Written November 06, 2008
Isla Fisher is a babe. She looks so good; it doesn't matter how she acts. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has enough presence to carry a movie and he does well in this one. Great story and acting. Jeff Daniels plays a supporting role that adds to this movie. It is a must see for Gordon-Levitt fans.
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