The Longest Yard (2005) Synopsis
An ex-football star (Adam Sandler) leads inmates in a game against guards.
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The Longest Yard Movie Review

By Asianfreak
91 out of 100 The only fully great Adam Sandler movie I've ever seen, the only movie that Tracy Morgan is gay in and Nelly gives a great performance in the hilarious football comedy drama that...

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By nickolasmalcolm
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By panther96
A great Adam Sandler movie!...


By glxy


By currank123

Don't compare this to the old one

By MongrolMan
This is definately not the same as the old movie. The old movie is better in some areas but this new movie is more slapstick funny that Sandler is known for. I liked this one a lot and I love...

By ajrey

By 1756273541

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Rated PG-13 | For crude and sexual humor, violence, language and drug references