Loved it where is it now

By myroadoz
Written September 24, 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Wanted to take my other grandkids but can't find it showing.
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By tufph
Written July 23, 2014
If you are not a western fan or know the story of the lone ranger its a little boring. About 2 hours of waiting to see like last bit of action.
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Lone Ranger a fun romp

By Pirenian
Written July 17, 2013
If you liked the first Pirates movie you'll like this. Not for kiddies as it has quite a bit of killing but typical irreverent humor, lots of action. Fun.
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Loved Tonto, "liked" Lone Ranger", but Silver is the star

By wscuburch
Written July 04, 2013
Johnny Depp does a really good job putting life into Tonto's character, and plays him with a mix of seriousness and above all, fun. Depp has great lines, outstanding facial expressions and timing, and a good part to play. The screenwriter definitely liked him best. The story line deviates substantially from the original, confusing with lots of competing strings along the way. The Lone Ranger part was disappointing - hated to see that it was not done as a heroic figure, but as a spoof of that original character.. Silver is the star though - he had the best impossible and implausible action scenes, and he just kept showing up in most unusual situations. The (mostly) New Mexico scenery is amazing - good location shots - made you feel as if you were in the old west. A side problem is that since almost all of the bad guys wore scraggly beards, and the good guys just had neater beards, it wasn't always easy to tell the characters apart. Go see it. You'll have some fun with It.
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U got to see it

By chngspen
Written July 10, 2013
Being a movie a fan, I don't care whether critics like this film or not, I payed my money worth. Critics r not the one to dictate us, whether to see or not. In my opion, u should watch the film and let the audience be the judge. In my opion lone ranger is good film, for the everyone to see
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