Great comedy

By ccapt
Written October 21, 2014
We really enjoyed this movie. It was funny and creative. The one liners were making everyone laugh out loud. It is lighthearted and takes you away from the everyday realities of our world. With all of the bad news we hear everyday, it's nice to be able to watch a movie that is just meant to entertain. I don't which character was funnier - Tonto or Silver. LOL. It is very different from the original "Lone Ranger", but when you realize that it is not meant to be, that it is just for fun, sit back, enjoy it, and have a good laugh..
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Lone Ranger Rocks

By davu
Written July 31, 2015
LOVED IT! Great Entertainment, Acting, Directing, Cinematography, Writing... ! Incredible Stunt work. For All ages, but Adults will get more of the tonge and cheek humor. Feel good movie of the summer.
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The Lone Ranger

By sdrasin
Written July 04, 2013
The Lone Ranger was a great summer Movie to see. It is thoroughly entertaining and I enjoyed every minute of it. The movie did not parallel the characters in the original Lone Ranger television series but nonetheless it was action packed and very enjoyable. The acting was excellent, the directing and cinematography was excellent as well. The writing seemed to be geared for children as it was rated a PG-13 movie but while it was to violent a movie for children, it is an excellent movie for adults and be thoroughly entertained. I would definitely see this movie again.
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The Lone Ranger

By SoulfulFX
Written May 24, 2015
The critics in advance of this movie's release were needlessly harsh I thought. The movie was a lot of fun, the action was just right without being 2 hours of explosions, and Depp-Hammer had good chemistry together, the music is rousing along with the well known "Lone Ranger Theme" ("William Tell Overture" by Rossini). The story is set around the time of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad with crooked politicians in bed with criminals presenting themselves as legitimate businessmen whereas the good men are the outlaws (Reid and Tonto). It's interesting watching Reid doggedly pursue justice via the law and not killing even when all those around him are perfectly willing to take a life. For those critical of Depp, they should look into the painting his appearance was based on first. In the movie, he is thoroughly entertaining and a great part of this old west dynamic duo. This is definitely a case where you should go enjoy a fun summer flick
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excellent movies

By nblanco1
Written May 06, 2015
Don't listen to critics...this was a great Depp movie! These two actors made a very good team. We were surprised at how much we enjoyed the movie, since ALL the critics were dumping on it, but we have learned NOT to listen to professional critics...they have seen too many movies, and just have to pick apart every performance instead of enjoying the movies. The movie made me laugh, cry, and now I'm using lines from the movie. Go See this Movie, and STOP listening to critics. Nelda B.
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