Pretty good if you scrape off the cheese

By conradzero
Written July 23, 2014
The "wraparound" story detracted from the film, and the movie itself had enough cheese to supply Taco Bell for a month, but neither of these things were enough to wreck the high entertainment value of the film. Lots of action and comedy. And the climactic scene with the Lone Ranger theme was chock full of classic high-adventure antics we've come to expect from Bruckheimer.
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excellent movies

By nblanco1
Written July 19, 2013
Don't listen to critics...this was a great Depp movie! These two actors made a very good team. We were surprised at how much we enjoyed the movie, since ALL the critics were dumping on it, but we have learned NOT to listen to professional critics...they have seen too many movies, and just have to pick apart every performance instead of enjoying the movies. The movie made me laugh, cry, and now I'm using lines from the movie. Go See this Movie, and STOP listening to critics. Nelda B.
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By horsepro
Written July 06, 2013
I must say I was really looking forward to this movie because when I was young this story and character were a favorite of mine. We went with our Friday night Movie group. Granted we are all baby boomers but we are a fairly sophisticated group of movie goers. We all went into it with great expectations and without exception were all disappointed. The story was very disjointed and there were scenes that were obviously only in the movie to cater to the CGI fans. Johnny Depp was outstanding as one would expect and the humor of his character was refreshing but not much else was appreciated in this film. We would have been better served as a group to see Despicable Me 2.
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Ho Hum!

By fiona985
Written July 04, 2013
I will go ahead and assume that I am not the only one who thought: who owed Armie Hammer a favor and put him in this movie? He has no charisma and isn't funny. His acting was stiff and not engaging at all. Johnny Depp wasn't all that, either, but without him I would have walked out after the first hour. The story was lame, and I just hope that they don't make a sequel. It is also very long, so I can't see kids sitting through the whole disaster. The end was the best part of the movie, but in this case quite literally the end did NOT justify the means.
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By ratpm
Written July 06, 2013
I almost didn't go because of the movie review in the Boston Globe , but my son wanted to see it and we got a 2 for 1 deal so I said ok. If you grew up in the 50s -60s you might like it too! it was hilarious!! I like Johnny Depp and he totally becomes TONTO. It's not a great literary film but just a fun summer movie. It was definitely better than I expected.
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