what are they thinking

By AJSmovies
Written July 30, 2015
Why do these producers and Directors ruin traditional Iconic TV/old traditional movies/shows and turn it into a digital computer generated film, with a few funny lines, that are familiar to the old story of the lone ranger. But at the end of the day i left the film saying to myself, can I even recommend that flick as a rental. As in Superman its all about the action and fights and virtually no meaningful story line.... Depp and Hammer are really good actors but is was like a corn ball movie...
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A parody - not a real Lone Ranger movie.

By geno19002
Written June 25, 2016
I am of the generation that watched the original TV series. I have a deep fondness for this character. It meant a lot to my developement as a child. DEPP made a parody of the character, much as Austin Powers vs James Bond. I hope Disney goes bankrupt from this cartoon. Horses running across the tops of moving trains. It was fitting that they had a scene where the Lone Ranger had his head dragged thru a pile of horse manure. They dragged the audience thru that same pile
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Lone Ranger - leave 'alone'.

By nixbrit
Written September 27, 2016
I wasn't expecting it to be brilliant - it was ok. I grew up with this story so I was alittle disappointed to see Tonto portrayed like an Indian Jack Sparrow - Tonto was proud and was a warrior, not a fool. Why do film makers have to mess with the story and characters - can't they just keep it simple? All in all I was disappointed.
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New Twist on a classic

By saldana930
Written June 30, 2016
I was hilarious I loved it. I love Johnny Depps character, and the guy that played the lone ranger I liked too, I'd only seen him in one other movie but he did a great job with this character. I would recommend seeing it......
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forget the reviews

By shearon
Written July 05, 2013
read the reviews and almost did not go BUT are we glad we ignored them and went anyway. Loved it!!! had comedy, romance and action. Johnny Depp was awesome. I will see it again!
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