Great Movie but not PG 13

By Grit327
Written July 05, 2013
What a great romp! Exciting scenes, lots of action, funny situations & lines when you least expect them. Only 2 problems I note: one is a very early in the movie gory, graphic scene with Butch Cavendish eating the heart of a live human. Necessary? I don't think so. The whole premise of Cavendish enjoying cannabalism mentioned more than once, in my opinion, does not justify the PG 13 rating & should have been left out. Secondly, the very long action at the end. This movie was long enough by the time you get to this part so the continual stretching seemed unwarranted. Movies today seem hung up on these long-winded endings. Despite these two points, the acting was superb., especially by the norses hired to play "Silver". Depp proved his prowess yet again in the role of Tonto. Great comedic timing in his lines & expressions. Hammer surprised me in this role , although the title character, truly second place to the Noble Savage. Go see this! Fun!
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One of the better summer movies

By LoganTheSmirk
Written July 04, 2013
Going in I had never seen a single second of any of the original Lone Ranger because westerns were just never my thing & most likely never will be but this version is truly something special. I was really worried about the run time because like I previously stated watching over two hours of something I'm not all interested in could be a death wish. Luckily I was wrong as the film was set a pretty good pace & kept me from checking the time every 5 minutes. What I really liked about it is the fact that Disney didn't try to make it too kiddy. I mean don't get me wrong it's definitely kid appropriate but as adult I appreciate actually seeing the result of a gun battle versus being told what happened leaving it to my imagination. Also, Johnny Depp is great as always & has his funny one liners to along with it. I would recommend this movie to everyone
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Lone Ranger is worth it!

By lrgoddard
Written July 05, 2013
Forget the reviews!! Go in with an open mind. This movie has great action, is humorous, and yet serious. The very end is when all your Lone Ranger TV show memories will come flooding back. I see this as the beginning of a fun franchise!
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How do I get off this crazy train?

By Transepoch
Written July 24, 2014
If nothing else, the Lone Tonto proves an important point: the Ranger premise can only support up-to 30-minutes of content, as demonstrated by the nostalgia for the predecessor TV series. Sadly, you are forced to sit-through a 2-hour movie before reaching this point.
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Not Shakespeare, But a Great Summer Movie

By coltom
Written July 25, 2013
Not sure why there were so many negative reviews. We brought the family including two boys under 10 and had a great time. Movie buffs will appreciate the subtle (and not so subtle) nods to the Pirates of the Caribbean series. But I think the movie holds it's own as a fun summer Big Movie. Plot holes? Yes. Improbable outcomes and scenarios? Of course. Just like in any Bond film. But on the whole a big, fun summer movie. Time to feed the crow!
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